This is where it started. Your parents were asleep. The killer was cold-blooded, methodical. First your dad. He never had a chance. Shot in the chest three times while he was sleeping. Blew a hole right through his head. And then your mom. She was wounded, but she tried to crawl away. Shot three times in the back. Once in the back of the head. Was she screaming? Did she call out for you, Kyle?… That is where we found Nadine. Who could kill a sweet, innocent little girl like her?

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Cangel Appreciation Week

→ Favorite fics that insert a missing scene into an episode or take place during an episode or have something to do with episodes

  • I Can Still Feel You (Even So Far Away) by superkappa: (rated: R) Summary by author: When Angel tells everyone what happened to Cordelia later, he leaves out this part. The night she spends in his penthouse. In his bed. Post-You’re Welcome
  • Break Down Here by AbbyCadabra: (rated: PG) A songfic, kind of, if you squint but done in a whole other way. More of a charstudy in how Cordelia deals with the visions during s3, before the half demon-ness.
  • Bound by Inamorata: (rated: R) Takes place shortly after Hero but before Parting Gifts. Angel and Cordelia, while cleaning Doyle’s apartment find a lotto ticket with his last vision scrawled on it. When they go to investigate, they get a whole lot more than they bargained for. If you only read one fic on this list, it should be this one. 
  • Atonement by Lysa: (rated: PG-13) A conversation that should have happened on screen, after Angel gave Cordelia the new clothes. Why did she seem so pleased?
  • Altruism In the Face of Ewww by SamLuvsHarrison: (rated: PG) A Post-Birthday kind of missing scene fic where we find out what Angel got Cordelia for her birthday.
  • Casablanca by Hollywood Phoenix: (rated: PG-13) A year after Tomorrow finds Angel and Lorne in Paris, in a world on the brink of a war of humans versus demons. Cordelia returns, setting a chain of events into motion.
  • Welcome to Sunnydale by Keira: (rated: PG-13) Angel, Wes, and Cordelia return to Sunnydale for Buffy’s wake and a celebration of her life. But after a vision hits Cordelia, it changes everything.
  • Watching by Lonely Brit: (rated: PG-13) Cordelia’s thoughts as she watches the events of Home (and later) unfold, powerless to do anything as a disembodied being.
  • Chicken Soup for the Vampire’s Soul by Elisha: (rated: G) Ever wondered why Cordelia had the raspy voice in That Vision Thing? Cordelia is home sick and Angel is there to make her way to recovery a little speedier.
  • Untitled (2) by Sunscorched: (rated: PG-13) A rewrite of Sanctuary with a C/A twist, where Angel actually stands up to Buffy at the police station.
  • The Waltz by LaLa247: (rated: NC-17) A fix-it ending to Couplet, an alternate ending if you will where Cordelia doesn’t go on vacation with Groo.

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