But something about the blandness of True Blood‘s finale felt almost offensive. Jessica and Hoyt got hitched, because it was Bill’s greatest wish to see his progeny married off? Bill just had to lecture Sookie about how having children makes life worth living? Sookie needed to chat with the Reverend about God’s plan? For a show that once skewered Ted Cruz and other self-proclaimed defenders of “family values,” this was pretty conservative stuff.

True Blood deserves respect just for daring to be totally nuts. And for sticking with the show through all its mounting insanity, I think we deserved a totally insane grand finale—not some sentimental Jane Austen ending culminating in a wedding. Don’t get me wrong—I love Jane Austen! I just don’t thing she belongs in Bon Temps.

Of course, all the focus on marriage and children during the final season also felt like a cop-out. The idea that vamps and humans alike could be happily slutty forever disappeared as nearly everyone in Bon Temps paired off. … Aren’t there other ways to define a meaningful existence? Obviously, plenty of people don’t want to have kids, or simply can’t.

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So after my rewatch of season 4, I realized something. Holder and Linden are the only people that could make each other happy after a shitty day.

In EP 403, Drunk Holder freaks out on his family and Caroline, cursing her out. In EP 404, Aggravated Linden freaks out on her “family”, as well, and curses Regi out. And Holder and Linden argued before that scene in EP 404.

Yet the day after, they both see each other again, Holder apologizes to her, and they make each other crack a smile, and even laugh. THAT’S WHEN YOU KNOW, THAT THAT OTHER PERSON IS THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE. Nobody else understands or knows either of them well, only they do.

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I think maybe that home was us. It was you and me together in that stupid car riding around and smoking cigarettes. I think that was everything. I’m sorry. I should have known that you were the one person who always stays.  

                          You  were  my  b e s t   f r i e n d.

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